3D Page Flipping styles

aXmag converts your existing PDF as online magazine with stunning 3D page turning effect, then streaming access it with various devices such as PC, Mac, iPad, Android phones, tablets, etc.
aXmag offers optional page reading styles depends on your publication type.

True 3D page flipping solution

Pages are shown facing in screen, like a real expanded book, created in real 3D effect and shadows. It is recommended if your e-magazine is a mixture of pictures and text contents.

Reading flipping solution

Pages are initially shown facing, and showing single page when zoomed in, scroll mouse wheel to pan page, best for mixed contents but comparable more texts in pages.

ClearVectorTM Quality

aXmag uses ClearVector™ to create vector based texts and graphics, the benefits are crystal clear texts and eBooks stored as smaller files.

Texts and vector graphics remain clear in the aXmag page flipping publication, and don't go pixilated.
Raster images barely lose resolution during PDF to HTML5 page flipping conversions (the converted image quality depends on the raster image quality in PDF).

Compared with solutions using only raster images, vector type of contents makes eBook files much smaller in size, faster to data travel over network and quicker to see first page of your online eBooks.

Rich contents for eBook

Rich type of contents are supported by aXmag, texts with multitype of fonts, images with transparency, PDF bookmark, hyper links, video clips, audio embeded, such PDF contents are well converted,  or can be added to the page flipping book.


Hyperlinks supported

Hyperlinks are automatically detected and converted. Both internal, external and email links are supported.

Background music optional

aXmag allows to play an audio file as the eBook background music. Automatic play back is featured.

Video clips supported

Embedded videos (*.flv, *.mp4 & *.avi) will be automatically preserved in the created eBook. (Pro version only)


Searchable contents

Texts in PDF are converted as searchable texts, audience can easily search and locate the page that contains the string they are looking for.

Bookmark/Table of content

Automatically imports PDF bookmark as table of contents, or, you can create and modify the table of content for your eBook.

Flexible settings in XML

An XML file is enclosed in the publication, which ensures many settings to be applied  to the publication, such as apperence, multi-language etc.

SEO Friendly

Lets Google index your eBook

aXmag creates SEO, search engine optimization – typically Google friendly online magazine, all text information can be indexed and searched by Google, this gets your eBook more exposures and helps your potential audience find your publication with keywords. Kindly please note it may take time for search engine spider to scan and find your publication.

Google Analytics ready

You can set online publication with your Google Analytics UA, this enables tractable eBook access, referrals, traffic and many more. It is very detailed and graphical report to show where your audiences are from, and how they like your eBook. Please find more information about Google Analytics, and how to enter your Google Analytics UA with aXmag.

Created in HTML5

aXmag publication is created in HTML5 format, this ensures it’s accessibility on both PC/Mac and iPad/Android.

aXmag showing HTML5 format eBook iPad/Android
Mobile devices such as iPad/Android won’t work with flash, aXmag publication automatically switch download and shows HTML5 on such devices.  Html5 does not itself define ways to do animation and interactivity within web pages but is low system consuming which makes it better for mobile systems.

Off-line sharing features
If you need to send out your catalog or brochure within CDs or USB drive , unlike online contents, offline sharing has no worry of bandwidth, but it requires single .exe (Pro version only) to execute, or auto-run when insert a CD. In this way, your customer will see vivid 3D page flipping brochure, just like a physical one.

Easy to Publish

Last but not least, we want your publication to be best in appearance and can be accessible online.

    Publish and store eBook on your own server

This is a feature of aXmag desktop converter and paid online publishing services, aXmag creates file/folder sets to be uploaded to your web server. Simply compose a URL that links to the "index.html" you recently uploaded, then your website audience can click on the link URL and read it.
Your publication URL won’t be expired unless files are removed from your server
Unlimited PDF files  can be published
 aXmag program license is for Life time

    Publish and store eBook on our aXmag server

This is a feature of aXmag online publishing service, when your PDF is uploaded and successfully published, you will then receive the Link to your publication, so that you can use the link URL on your site or your Blog
No need to download and install program on your computer
No need of maintain files on the server
No server space required

Free publications can be stored on aXmag server for 3 months, links will be expired afterwards
Paid publications will be stored for 3 years, and links may be expired afterwards

For skills on how to publish as full screen in a new browser window, or showing in a hatch of your webpage, please read more.

A little bit more features

Download/print button removable

Want to protect your publication and do not allow print and copy? Simply remove such buttons from your online magazine.

Publication with Share button

Social network sharing helps to get more audiences. Twitter, Facebook, Goole plus and email options are provided.

Easy and swift modify

Post file conversion modifyer can set your publication, instant preview and fine tune apperance, add or remove buttons etc.
(Pro version only)


  1. Is there any demo example that I can view before I purchase?
    Yes, please go to aXmag demo page and view the examples. You may upload your own PDF and view your own online digital magazine.
  2. If I purchase the desktop converter license, will that be a life-time license or it will expire at some time in the future?
    The license is life-time and will not expire.
    If you purchased "extended download service" or CD in order, please make sure to save the installation file well since in the future you may need the installation file to reinstall the converter or transfer the converter into a new computer.
  3. If I purchase the desktop converter, can I get source code?
    The software is licensed, not sold, so you will get license code to unlock the trial version but will not get source code of the application.
  4. If I purchase the server version, can I add the converter as part of my product?
    The server version is licensed but not sold, so you can use the converter but cannot sell the converter. Command line is featured in server version for you to call the application and build your own online conversion service for you customers.
    If you need to add aXmag as part of your product with your brand, we offer re-branding of our software, private labeling and customization with full resell rights or for OEM. We even sell source code if you want to enclose this converter program as part of your product, please contact us for the conditions.