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Why aXmag online service

1. You are running WordPress or blog sites that you are unable to upload many files and folders
2. Having difficulty downloading or installing the program on your computer
3. You need us to host online publications on behalf of you

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Premium Service Features

Once your account is authorized premium service account, you can get the following features:
1. Add company name
2. Add title and author
3. Change background color
4. Choose player language
5. Turn on/off sound
6. Add page thumbnails
7. Enable/disable print

Premium service user please log in here:
Form "My aXmag" click on "Create publications", now you will be redirected to Premium service user submit page:
Premium service settings


Now try to convert your PDF and after conversion you will get 2 links:
1. Immediately view the conversion result.
2. Download the converted files (recommended).

You can host the conversion result on aXmag using the first link. However if you need to change the background image or add a company logo, you need to download the files, change the background image and add a logo, then host these files on your website or send back the conversion result to so that we will in one business day replace the old files with the new ones on aXmag website.