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Online Manual for MAC Standard Version

Publish Online and Share Offline
  • What formats are the output files?
  • Where are the converted files saved?
  • How to publish the output online?
  • How to read the files in ipad?
  • I want to send out the publication in email, how can my customer read the publication?
  • I want to send out in CD and USB drives, is this possible?
Settings for Customization
  • How to change the page size?
  • What is the use of the setting.xml file, can I make some changes in the file?
  • How to open with fullscreen?
Change background
  • How to change the background color?
  • How can I add a background image?
Convert Links in PDF to Output
  • Does the output retain links created within the PDF such as external links (i.e.
  • Does the output retain links created within the PDF such as those found in bookmark or a table of contents?
Print Pages and Download PDF
  • How can I print one page (left or right) or all pages?
  • I've enabled the print option in conversion however cannot find the print button on navigation bar, what can I do?
Create Table of Contents, Index in Output
  • How can I put a table of contents in the digital book?
  • How do I set the "table of contents" button to be shown in the navigation bar?
Hide/Auto-Hide the Navigation Bar
  • How to get the same fading toolbar in your demo?
  • I do not want the navigation bar at the button of the publication, how to hide it?
Embed in PPT Slides
  • How to embed the publication into PPT slides?
Delete last blank page
  • Why is there an additional blank page created at the last page in the publication?
  • How to delete the last blank page?