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You Own the Files

Flip eBooks are created on your computer and will not be published online before you made your final decision. You are the only one who own the files until you distribute them. It is definitely safe for your files.

Tracking Data, it is up to you

Data tracking means everything to someone but nothing to others. You decide whether the texts in the contents are visible to search engines and if pages can be tracked by Google Analytics for better knowing your audiences.

Branding & Customization

Customize flipping eBooks with your own logo and style, add external videos, audios, links and images, or even create a read-to-me audio book is just simple. You are the designer and we make it for you.

Other resources

Online Manual

Find the user manual for both PC version and Mac version, you can get helpful tips and tricks for publishing and customizing your own created aXmag magazines.

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Demo Example

Use the demo example to try the page turning magazine locally or upload it to your website without downloading or installing the aXmag PDF to HTML5 converter.


User Guide

This guide allows you to learn the basic to advanced features of aXmag PDF to HTML5 page turning converter.Just follow through the handy guide, and enjoy the journey!

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Burn to CD

To burn aXmag page turning publications into CD and auto play it while inserting into CD-ROM, please download this package and add the files together with all the aXmag created files in the FLASH folder into the root directory of the media.