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    Talking about free PDF to flippable E-book

    A few weeks ago, I designed a cookbook that got formatted by a friend into PDF format. I would prefer to make a flippable Ebook out of it but unfortunately I don't know how to do it since it is already in PDF form.

    As I understand, PDF is a popular format for Ebooks since it can keep the actual layout of the print book but what I would like is much more than that. I would like to create the E-book flippable, to make it look like a real book online which I think will be very cool.

    I did some research online for some PDF to flippable Ebook products or services, but Google only shows Electronic books online but won't tell me how to makean e-book flippable. I then turned to some forums for help and this time I managed to get some very nice websites which are capable of doing the conversions for me. Among these websites, I think it is a good quality choice of aXmag PDF to ebook.

    Having tested on a 200-page PDF file, the free online conversion does the task very fast plus in the testing the conversion looks very good. The page turning effect performs like when you flick over the pages of a true book for something to catch your eye. You have four ways to flip a page. You can flip the 4 corners, the arrows which appear on the left and right when you move the mouse there, the buttons on the navigation bar at the bottom, and the Page Up/Down keys. The sounds, turning speed and animation vary depending upon the methods used.

    After having read through the website, I found that I can free host the converted E book on the website, at least I am able to get the page flicking effect online without paying for it besides the PDF have been changed into a fantastic online Digital book now.


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