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    Page flipping magazine creator - Mac application

    I want to make an animation of publication pages flipping over (not a turn-page viewer for the actual newspaper, it's only a little graphic along with pages turning), to be placed on a website as an animated newspaper. Aware of having absolutely no conception of flash, but I seriously would choose an automated method of doing the work using a piece of Mac program.

    Prior to when I went to Search engines for some kind of this particular software, indeed I could possibly do it manually in Photoshop or Imageready, however I don't really have the work chance to undertake it, and I do not believe it is something that I can do simplier and easier the second moment because I'd probably need to rebuild the Photoshop every time (this is made for a group of magazines, so the new issues between them all come about very often). In this instance, I searched on discussion boards and found aXmag converter for Macintosh computers.

    So I would like to share this software with other people on the web. I have tested axmag online demo from before I found this Macintosh version. It is fabulous which makes vivid turning newspapers from PDF files. I then downloaded the converter and tried the trial version, it is simple to use and when I was generating my newspapers wasting hours using Photoshop, it only converts within a few minutes. In addition I'm able to host these files on my own web server without having to place my data on some other websites which I did not even know anything about it before.

    This is how I manage the application. I create a PDF file, do the conversion with the aXmag PDF converter, I then modify the output language and change some control keys on the navigation bar, add customize image background. At last I can publish the files on my hosting server and give an HTML URL to others. Eventually I can get around 20 newspapers online in one day. Next time, when I get a new version of a weekly magazine, it will take only a short while to get the new edition published online because the old settings stays.

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