Terms of use

This Terms of use (hereinafter "Terms of use") is a binding legal agreement between you (hereinafter 'User') and aXmag (hereinafter "Corporation") for the materials accompanying this Terms of use, including the accompanying online conversion service, associated media, printed materials and any "online" or electronic documentation. In order to be allowed access to the aXmag Service, the user acknowledges that he has accepts the Terms of use expressed as follows:


The Corporation runs a business consisting of hosting and publishing digital contents in various forms. The Corporation has developed a service called AXMAG online conversion service (hereinafter "Service"), which is accessible on the Internet and permits (i) the automated online creation of a publication in the form of an electronic book in portable document formats (hereinafter "PDF") as well as (ii) access to this publication on the Internet. The user wishes to open an account on the AXMAG Service to have access to more features available on said Service.

These Terms of use define the terms applicable to the automated online creation of the Ser vice, which also makes a publication available to the public in the form of an electronic book accessible on the Internet through the URL address HYPERLINK "" (hereinafter "Site").

Opening a User Account

By uploading one PDF file, aXmag User account (hereinafter "User account") will be automatically created by way of a confirming email sent form the Corporation to User's registered email and create initial password for the User to log in to his or her User account. The User cannot use the Service nor accept the Terms of use if (a) the User does not have the required legal majority to enter into any agreement with the Corporation, or (b) if the laws of the country where the User is residing or of the country from which the User is getting access to the Service or using it forbid him or her to receive or use the Service or prohibit such receipt or use. The User undertakes to sincerely document all requested data during the procedure, and guarantees the Corporation against the consequences generated by any incorrect data item. In particular, the User acknowledges that, by law, the Corporation is entitled to suspend any User account with incorrect personal data about the User. The User shall then have access to his User Account and to the Service.

Describing the Service

The User shall have access to the Service from his User Account for the online creation in a nearly automated way, of an electronic publication accessible on the Internet (hereinafter 'Publication') from PDF. The Corporation reserves the right at any time to modify all or part of the Site and Service features. For each User Account, the Corporation shall give free access to certain functionalities listed at the URL address: Should this opportunity be provided by the Corporation, the User would be entitled to benefit from additional functionalities than compared to the free release of the Service, while meeting the contractual terms applicable to this extension of functionalities. The User acknowledges that PDF's uploaded and converted Publications will be reviewed by the Corporation to help improve both the Service online and the features in the converter. User's Publications will not be sent out by the Corporation without User's permissions. User can share Publication manually by sending out publication link using the 'Share' button on the toolbar in the main interface of the publication. After each conversion, an option will be provided letting User decide if he or she would like the Site to prompt User's converted publication. User acknowledges, once User agrees this, the current publication may appear on all the aXmag owned sites including the Site and sub-sites as listed:

Agreement on ID evidence

The ID and password selected by the User to have access to his or her account are strictly personal. Therefore, the User acknowledges that any use of his User Account through the ID/password combination corresponding to a User Account shall be deemed as having been performed by the User who opened said account. The User must therefore be careful not to give his ID and his password to anyone else.

Intellectual property

Site Content

The Site which is available through the Service, including in particular all texts, graphs, images, photo, videos, data, sounds and other files, (hereinafter "Site Content") exclusively belongs to the Corporation or to its licensors, whose all rights are reserved. Unless expressly mentioned on the Site, no Site Content can be used by the User without prior written agreement from the Corporation. This clause is not applicable to the legally published User Content (as defined hereafter) on the Site. Subject to meeting the requirements for using the Site and provided copyrights and property rights are not modified, the User shall be entitled to a license for using the Site Content, which shall be restricted to his needs for the Site and accessible Site Content within the Service implementation. The Terms of use should not be deemed as being an intellectual property right transfer over the Site Content in favor of the User, the Corporation reserving all rights other than those expressly granted above for the purpose of using the Service.

User Content

The User shall be solely responsible for the Content he or she has placed on the Site and in particular for the Content he or she has included in the Electronic Publications (hereinafter "User Content") regardless of the form of said Content. For such purpose, the User shall verify that the User Content complies with all applicable legal provisions. The User shall under no circumstance publish on the Site any User Content of which he or she is not the author or for which he or she is not entitled to the rights required to use the Content on the Site. The User agrees without any reserve that the Corporation may, if necessary, modify the Site or cancel or remove (without prior notice) any Site Content, in his own entire discretion, or any User Content if the Corporation considers that the latter has violated these Terms of use, as well as any User Content likely to be offensive or illegal or to violate the rights of the Service users or third parties or else to jeopardize the safety of the Service users or of third parties or to treason it. By publishing a User Content on the Site, the User expressly confers to the Corporation the right to use the User Content allowing the Corporation to create the copies required to permit the publication and storage of the User Content on the Site. At any time, the User can remove a User Content inserted by him or her on the Site. The User allows the Corporation to keep some stored copies of the User Content that were removed by the latter, for saving purposes.

Using the Service

In using the Service, the User undertakes:

  1. Not to distribute all or part of the Site, among which in particular contents supplied by other users of the Site, on any medium, without any prior permission by writing from the Corporation;
  2. Not to modify or alter all or part of the Site or Service (including in particular the aXmag reader and associated technologies) ;
  3. Not to have access to the available contents on the Site (including the Site Content, as defined below) thanks to any other means or technology than the pages and reading tools available on the actual Site, the aXmag or any other means the Corporation may explicitly designate to such effect;
  4. Not to attempt to bypass, deactivate or disturb in any way whatsoever any feature of the Site relating to safety or any feature (i) hindering or restricting the use or copy of the contributions made by users of the Site or of the Site Content or (ii) imposing limitations to the use of the Site or of the content accessible on the Site.

The User acknowledges that by simply using the Site and Service, he or she may be exposed to inaccurate, shocking, indecent or reprehensible contents in any other way. The User undertakes not to take any legal action against the Corporation on the grounds of the available contents on the Site. Where the User uses the aXmag reader by including it into one of his or her web pages, the User undertakes to include a visible return link to the Site on the pages containing the aXmag reader, and the User undertakes not to modify the aXmag reader in any way. Furthermore, the User undertakes not to use nor launch any automated system (including in particular any robot, spider or reader, not on line, with access to the Site) sending more request messages to the Corporation servers for a given period than any human being can reasonably produce for the same period using a standard Internet explorer (meaning an explorer that has not been modified) available to the public. Notwithstanding the foregoing conditions, the Corporation grants to the public search engine managers the permission to use spiders to copy materials from the Site with the sole aim of creating indices of such materials to be consulted by the public, but not any masks or archives of these materials. The Corporation reserves the right to revoke these exceptions, either in general or in specific cases. The User also undertakes to not collect personal data about any user of the Site or Service (this including the user account names of the Service). Finally, the User undertakes to not use the Site or Service (including electronic mail comments and features on the Site) to solicit any business or any activity linked to a trading corporation.

Links from the Site

The Service may contain some hyperlinks pointing to other Internet sites that are not under the control of the Corporation. The Corporation has no control over the content, the charters on personal data protection or third party site practices and shall accept no responsibility in this regard.

Children under 13:


The Sites complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act and does not knowingly such persons to register. If User is under 13, please do not send any information about yourself to us, including your email address. No one under age 13 is allowed to provide any personal information to or on the Service. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child under 13 who has become a member of the aXmag Service, then please contact aXmag at to have that child's account terminated and information deleted.

In the Event of Merger or Sale:

In the event that aXmag is acquired by or merged with a third-party entity, or undergoes a change of control or any form of sale or transfer of some or all of its assets, we reserve the right, in any of these circumstances, to transfer or assign the information that we have collected from users as part of that merger, acquisition, sale, or other change of collect or solicit personal information from anyone under the age of 13 or knowingly allow control.

Changes and Updates to this Privacy Notice:

Please revisit this page to stay aware of any changes. In general, we only use your personal information in the manner described in the Privacy Notice in effect when we received that personal information. Your continual use of the aXmag Service constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Notice and any future revisions.

For revisions to this Privacy Notice that may be materially less restrictive on our use or disclosure of personal information you have provided to us, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you and obtain your consent before implementing revisions with respect to such information.