File publishing services

Having difficulty downloading or installing the program, or you need us to host online publications on behalf of you, please take advantage of our online file conversion/publishing services.

aXmag conversion Services Fee (USD) Turn over period PDF file size limit(Per PDF) Page Number Limit (per PDF) Alter and remove aXmag Logo, water marks… Get converted files, Change background color, add file title…
Free on-line Publishing Free Instant <10MB Unlimited No No
Premium Publishing Service $380.00 Instant <100MB Unlimited
Pay per PDF Publishing $99.00 Within 24 hours <100MB <150Pages
Purchasing instructions

It is an one-off payment, not an annual subscription fee.

We are using MyCommerce as our purchasing agent, please click on the "BuyNow" button and fill out the on-line ordering form.
Please kindly remove CD and Extended download service (EDS) form cart!

More about per PDF file conversion/publishing service

This service is processed online. There is no need to download or install desktop converter, this conversion service does not require software license to run.

Once you purchased the Pay per PDF publishing service, you will get a unique PPP code in an authorization email in a few minutes. Please upload your PDF to aXmag upload page, wait and click "download" to enter your unique PPP code when the conversion is done. After then you will be redirected to the customization page to set settings for the eBook and get the final eBook files.

Using the conversion service, we will send you the converted files in a ZIP file (please be aware that there will be SWF, XML, JPG and HTML files). We will also send you manual on how to host files on your server.

In the meanwhile, your eBook will still be valid on aXmag server for over 1 year unless you manually delete the eBook from your aXmag account. To embed the aXmag eBook on your website, please open your eBook and find the "Share" button on the navigation bar, the embed code is right there.

More about Premium PDF file conversion/publishing service

Please send us your valid order number through email. Your Premium service account will be validated in a business day.

You will then be able to log-in your Premium account, a.k.a VIP account, to upload your PDF to get them published on aXmag webserver, and then get an eBook link, and a link to download file sets which is ready to copy to your own webserver.

aXmag desktop licensing

aXmag ePublisher Single user license
Onetime fee (USD)
Alter and remove aXmag Logo, water marks… HTML5 output for iOS devices, iPad, iPhone… Embed videos (FLV, MP4) Create read-to-me audio book Instant modify to fine tune e-book appearance Single .exe file output
Lifetime support
1-year free upgrade
Standard $380.00 No No No No
Pro $499.00
For Mac $380.00 No No No -
Purchasing instructions

We are using MyCommerce as our purchasing agent, please click on the "BuyNow" button and fill out the on-line ordering form.

We accept multiple payment methods, the best way is to purchase with credit card- you will receive registration code as soon as the charge authorized. It normally takes about 5 minutes. Or, if you would like to place an order, please choose your preferable order payment methods in the form, we accept Credit card, wire/bank transfer, PayPal, phone and fax ordering.When you completed the order form, please click “Place secure order” button to submit, otherwise your order won’t be processed.

The software delivery is electronic and you will receive the registration code and the printable formal invoice immediately by email. CD is available for the purchase along with the software, it is optional and takes additional fees, and 1 week up to 3 weeks for the delivery especially if you are located outside US. Only one CD can be added in an order. Extended download service (EDS) is a service of MyCommerce, it is optional and removable form your order. Please note either CD or EDS downloaded copies still request entering registration code to remove trial limits.

Tax, purchasing on line may still charge tax, this depends on your local law, please fill out an on-line order to check if the tax applies to your region. (Please select payment method "Bank/wire transfer with invoice", so that you can give up the on-line order and place a new order after that.)

You may want to place a tax exempt order. Please call following phone number to do so, before calling we would recommend that you fax in your tax exempt information to:

1-800-442-3172 or952-646-5604.Once you have done so please call:

877-353-7297 or 952-646-5331 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Should you have any question, please feel free email us:

License terms of use

In short, Each Licensed Copy of aXmag program, aXmag ePublisher application, can be used by a single person who uses the software personally on one or two computers, but you should NOT access this program form different computers at a given time.

If there are more users need to use this program, please consider order more licenses.

The program registration won’t be expired, and you are free to download upgrades in 1 year, subsequence yearly major updates are optional and license renewal at a fee.

For full version of license terms of use, please check out EULA form here:

Refund policy

The products available for purchase on our web site are downloadable, fully-functional, and try-before-you-buy. We provide free trial version to let you fully evaluate our products before you make a purchase decision. Please test the trial version to make sure that the software meets your needs before purchasing a license. Due to the automated way that orders are processed and fulfilled, once an order is processed and the registration details and download instructions are issued, it cannot be canceled so that no refunds will be given. We offer 15 days refund under circumstances, please find details form here:

aXmag offers PDF to flash conversion server license, please contact us for details. Email us