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Settings for Customization

After conversion, you can directly view the publication. There is one folder created using the same name of the converted PDF file. In the folder you'll find following files created:

All files

Settings you need to know (you can right click on setting.xml file in Notepad to edit the settings)

    1. <pagewidth>&<pageheight>:
      aXmag (FLASH) is using vector technology and is flash based so that the page size in output is not defined in image resolution DPI. It is suggested to use the default values that were created with the conversion. To change the page width and height please refer to this example (ZIP).
    2. <pagecount>:
      Indicate how many pages there are in the output publication. If you want to delete the last blank page, you can modify this value and delete the last page.
    3. <pagedir>:
      Change the folder where the pages of SWF files and thumbnails of JPG files are stored. Relative path is supported.
    4. <logo>: (Only available in registered version)
      Enter '[null]' to remove aXmag logo, enter '[logopic]' to use the current logo.jpg in converted publication.
    5. <logourl>: (Only available in registered version)
      Add URL to the top-left logo (not available when <logo> is set to [null]]) and when someone clicks on the logo he will be redirected to the URL as specified.
    6. <flipsound>:
      Enter '[mute]' to disable page flipping effect. Specify *.mp3 or *.wav file to change the default flipping sound.
    7. <bgsound>:
      Add background music. *.mp3 and *.wav files are supported. Only one music file can be added and there is no control bar for the music.
    8. <bg>&<bgdata>: (only available in PC version and conversion service) More information here
      To change the background color or add a background image,
      <bg>0</bg>          - Use default gray background,
      <bg>1</bg>          - Use background color with gradient,
      <bg>2</bg>          - Use image background,
      <bgdata>               - Change background color or add background image,

      Or, with the index.html you can do the following:
      Change background color:        Open index.html in Notepad and fine finf 'bgcolor="#888888" code to change the color,
      Add background image:             Please refer to the http://www.axmag.com/download/bkimage.zip to change the background image.
    9. <righttoleft>:
      1 - Read form right to left,
      0 - Read from left to right (default).
    10. <hidesew>:
      1 - Hide middle shadow on pages,
      0 - Show the middle shadow (default).
    11. <readmode>: More information here
      1 - Click on page to magnify page and use mouse wheel to scroll pages and read continuously in pagination reading,
      0 - Read in true 3D simulating mode and use mouse wheel to magnify or decrease page size (default).
    12. <controlbar>: More information here
      2 - Automatically hide toolbar but when mouse hovers on the toolbar and it appears,
      1 - Always show the navigation toolbar (default),
      0 - Always hide the toolbar.
    13. <aboutbutton>:
      1 - Display the 'about' button on the navigation toolbar (default),
      0 - Remove the 'about' button.
    14. <fullscreenbutton>:
      1 - Show the "Fullscreen" button on navigation toolbar (default),
      0 - Remove the "Fullscreen" button.
    15. <showfsmsgbox>:
      1 - Prompt for entering "Fullscreen" mode when publication is first open,
      0 - Do not promot for "Fullscreen" mode.
    16. <ad_title>&<ad_author>:
      You can add publication information for title and author. The 2 items of information will be displayed when readers click on the 'about' button.
    17. <sharebutton>:
      1 - Disable 'share' button on navigation toolbar (default),
      0 - Disable the 'share' button.
    18. <sharepage>:
      In case you need to use another web page to call the main.swf file instead of the index,html file, you can use this setting to change the share link in the share button.
      If you upload the converted files to your website without changing anything, then the share link in the share button will in default use the index.html page, "http://www.your-website-link.com/index.html". To change this link to another web page, see this example:
      If the <sharepage> is not added in setting.xml, then it will use the index.html page link as the share link: "http://www.your-website-link.com/index.html",
      if you add "<sharepage></sharepage>" in setting.xml, then the share link will be: "http://www.your-website-link.com/",
      If you add "<sharepage>1.htm</sharepage>" in setting.xml, then the share link will be: "http://www.your-website-link.com/1.htm",
      If you add "<sharepage>2.aspx</sharepage>" in setting.xml, then the share link will be: "htt://www.your-website-link.com/2.aspx" and the rest can be done in the same manner.
    19. <thumbnails>:
      1 - Display 'thumbnails' button (default),
      0 - Disable thumbnails. Thumbnails are always created during conversion. Not available in Mac version yet.
    20. <contents>: More information here
      1 - Show table of contents button on navigation toolbar,
      0 - Hide table of contents button on navigation toolbar.
    21. <downloadpdf>: More information here
      1 - Display the 'download pdf' button and enable downloading PDF edition,
      0 - Hide 'download' button on navigation toolbar.
    22. <pdfurl>: More information here
      Specify PDF download URL.
    23. <print>: More information here
      1 - Enable print option in right click menu (default),
      0 - Disable printing. It is suggested to download the PDF but not print single page.
    24. <autoflipspeed>:
      When the page size is fit to window, default page flip speed is set to 15. When larger value is assigned, the flip speed will be slower so that you can control the flip speed in this method.
      When the page is magnified, the default flip speed value is 4 and this value is fixed.

About Full Screen:
Flash Player 9 does not allow keyboard input when displaying flash files in full-screen mode.
Flash Player 10 changes this, allowing for a limited number of keys to be usable in full-screen mode. These include Tab, the Spacebar, and the (up, down, left, right) arrow keys.
It is suggested to upgrade to a latest version of Adobe flash player since aXmag is using Adobe Flash Player 10 as its default viewer, in this case you can firstly use Tab key and then use arrow keys to select buttons in aXmag publication but other keys are disabled in full-screen mode.