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Customize Background

Default background has only one color without gradient or image, but you can customize the background using the fllowing settings in setting.xml.
(If letters are case-sensitive on your server, please make sure that the file name and file extensions are correct.)

<bg>0</bg>                            - Use default gray background
<bg>1</bg>                            - Use background color with graditent
<bg>2</bg>                            - Use image background
<bgdata></bgdata>                 - Change background color or add background image

Background Color

Use a default gray background, you can open setting.xml in Notepad and add the following sentence:

To change the background with gradient, please right click on setting.xml and open it in Notepad.
If you need to add a white to silver background, copy the sentence in the setting.xml:
Example here:

If you want to use a black background without gradient:
To look up the color code in hex, please refer to this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_colors#Color_table
Example here:

Background Image

Background image can be *.jpg, *.png and *.gif file. Image will be always tiled in the background no matter what the image size is. Please add the background image in the same folder with the main.swf file.
Example here: