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Delete Last Blank Page

Sometimes, when you convert a PDF file, there is one additioanl blank page created in the last page. The blank page is generated because we think that you are converting a book, a book have a cover, in the meantime, it need a back cover. If you do not need the last blank page, you can follow the steps below to remove it.

  • Modify setting.xml

For example, if the PDF has 39 pages and after conversion, there are 40 pages in total. Please open the setting.xml in IE, it displays:

Now open setting.xml file using Notepad, following contents are listed:

<aXmag information= "aXmag PDF to Flash page flipping magazine"><pagewidth>400</pagewidth><pageheight>600</pageheight><pagecount>40</pagecount><pagedir>Files</pagedir><logo>axmag</logo><flipsound>[default]</flipsound><bgsound></bgsound><righttoleft>0</righttoleft><hidesew>0</hidesew><print>1</print><ad_title>axmag publication</ad_title><ad_author>aXmag</ad_author><thumbnails>1</thumbnails><readmode>0</readmode><sharebutton>1</sharebutton><controlbar>1</controlbar><aboutbutton>0</aboutbutton><logourl></logourl></aXmag>

Please find the following sentence in setting.xml:

Now modify the value to:

Reopen the file in IE:
delete page

Save the setting.xml and open index.html again you can see the last page is removed.

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